The ABCDE method, probably one of the most straightforward to-do list solution…

… but what about ABCT?

A must;
B should;
C nice to have;
T tomorrow!

I personally came up with the idea of it and designed the ABCT method as a variation of the ABCDE above, adding a specific daily usage flavour. A’s, B’s and C’s remain the same while the letter T (standing for Tomorrow) represents those tasks that can’t be technically done today but they will need to be done the following day. High chances you will use the T for marking very important tasks you don’t want to forget, very likely a potentially tomorrow’s A. Writing them down on paper will lighten your worries about them – you know you will think about it tomorrow. The reason why T tasks are not A or B “today” is that they can’t be performed due to external factors, like shops being closed, colleagues on holiday or a tool you ordered and still waiting to be delivered. An important rule is that a T can’t stay T again… otherwise your to-do list would turn into a weak memo. Also, the presence of T’s allows you to identify any potential dependencies in your today activities.

D’s and E’s can be removed or rarely used – being just passive entries.

Considering a further level? ABCTW, where W stands for WAITING – you know there is something coming up but it is not in your hands yet, but better keep it ready.